Worldly Love!

I played this song, "Love is A Beautiful Thing" by Al Green on repeat for over a week, that's how much I love this song. One of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it too.

Love is a Beautiful Thing!
Dearest Reader,

Did you know that my sister once thought that I was a lesbian because I never spoke about men, and never brought men to meet her etc.? Yeah, my one and only sister thought I was gay because of my disinterest or lack of care about the opposite sex. Also, I can remain for months, even years without having sex or a guy in my life, so to those who don't know me well, that can seem suspicious because a lot of people can not fathom how I can pull that off since most people are such slaves to their love lives, while I am only a slave to... NOTHING! This should give you an idea of how I operate.

Black and White Passion
The fact that I don't date much, and that I live like a nun most times, is not because I am against relationships or sex or love and dating. I love relationships, sex, love and such. It is because I do things according to how I feel, and so if I don't feel it with the utmost passion and intensity, I will probably not do it . I am very "BLACK and WHITE" or "ALL or NOTHING" in my approach to life, and so I find it absolutely pointless to be with someone unless they literally ROCK MY WORLD and consciousness.

Also, as I grow up, my tastes have become more discriminating. For example, for the past few years, I won't date someone who drinks and smokes or takes drugs! I don't care if Leonardo DiCaprio himself shows up at my door saying, "Take me, Veronnica." I would deny him if he drinks, smokes or takes drugs. Ok, I would get rid of him after a week... I mean, this is Leo we are talking about here.

Do you understand how rare it is to not settle in this day and age? I don't know if a non-drinking, non-smoking and non-drug taker man exists. If he does exist, then he is on the same boat as I because there aren't many of us who don't do narcotics. Yeah, there's nothing more off-putting than the smell of alcohol and cigarettes wafting from the mouth of a man. Ew! Also, if he does exist, he is probably 14 yrs old and that was illegal the last time I checked.

On top of being all those things, I require this man to be wise, naughty and a little childish, and must also have an artistic bone in his body because as an artist myself, I need someone who thinks like me, even though opposites DO attract. On top of that, this man must be taller than me - I'm 1,65m without shoes - and he must have a wonderfully hot body, no STDs and must be as strong as I am. Although I am just a girl, I have a good reserve of power which I exude which makes men insecure and irrational. I need someone who can handle my personal power and presence. He can't be a bimbo but he must be a spiritual man who is devoted to his family. Yes, if a man doesn't respect or adore his mother, as I adore my mother, then he need not apply! Hey, I'm not looking for a man who is dependent on his mother (mamma's boy) but a man who realizes that parents are wiser due to having more experience than us. A man who is rude to his mother will not treat a woman right!

If a man is a control freak who is jealous and possessive, he also need not apply because he is still not evolved enough to understand that one's partner is NOT their possession. One's partner is merely a mate with which to share ONE'S personal journey. I'm a loner, who loves to just be by herself and do things that interest me alone, and possessive men are my nightmare because I have NO time to be explaining myself about things that need no explaining, e.g. "Why are you quiet?" or "I think you're cold." or "You're pushing me away..." I mean, for the love of GOD!!! Can't I just spend the week alone by myself without having to make someone insecure?!? *Sigh*

Anyway, where was I? Yes... Men... My criteria is very tough these days and I am am not settling for anything but what I want. I have come to terms with the fact that due to my "high" standards that I am likely to be single for the rest of my life. But, that is okay. I accept it as a probable result to my current behavior and I will not regret it because I actively choose to be this way.  Yes, it does tend to get a bit lonely, but it is better to be single and alone than to be coupled and alone! That's my philosophy, "I'd rather be alone than be unhappy!"

Fortunately, I don't get hit-on much so I don't have to deal with a lot of crap but if I did get hit-on a lot, I would have a boyfriend spec in pamphlet form listing my requirements from a man, and then making it clear that they shouldn't waste my time by hitting on me again if they don't fit the requirements listed. My friend said I don't get hit on because I'm intimidating. That's a good friend right there because she said the right thing, but I don't believe that I am intimidating. Maybe I have an aura around me saying, "Fuck Off!" I can believe that!! But, intimidating? Nah! I am a soft-spoken, quiet yet confident lady who likes to smile and laugh. What's intimidating about that? *Shrug*


Another thing that has made it impossible for me to date effectively is that I know exactly what I want, unlike when I was young when I was still trying to figure out what I wanted/ not wanted. This means that there is no time for fanny-wagging and wasting time for me because it is either you are "IT" or you aint "IT". Simple! Period! I don't care if you're popular, hot, charismatic, or enigmatic. If you don't fit my requirements, I don't see why I should venture any further. Is this shooting myself in the foot? Maybe, and that is why I have resorted and accepted that I might be single for the rest of my life. I am not too heart broken about this because when the going gets tough, I do plan on adopting a child or two and being a single parent to a child who needs a mother (because I believe that I would make a good mother).

Classic bling! My favorite type of ring, ruby + diamonds
I also believe that marriage is just not healthy. But, I would like to be engaged. Yes, it's partly that I LOVE jewelry and an engagement ring is a reason to get blinged out, but also because I think being engaged is commitment enough! I don't see why we should get things on paper in matters of the heart. Paper is for business, not for love. Also, I'd love to be engaged because it is romantic. Yes, I am a romantic. I know what love is, and I am aware that love is not romance, but I love being wooed and being swept off my feet. It is actually a requirement too. *LOL*

I have Pluto trine Venus these days so it is no wonder that I am thinking of such things. I think this is a period for my idea of love and for my love life to transform into something new. Awesomeness! I love transforming, and my love life and my idea of life has been stagnant, so I am really enjoying how my thoughts have been inclined toward things of the heart lately, It is not like me and hence I find it exciting.

Anyway, that is all folks.





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