To Live in Truth is To Live in Love.

beauty is your birthright. Fight for it.
Hey there,

I thought I was a self saboteur, but it would seem as if I am over that phase. I am aware of people I speak to, and people I meet, who are constantly doing and acting in a way that is opposite to what they desire to be. I can say that, I was once this way, but then from a year ago, I stopped suddenly hating myself so much as to deprive myself of the happiness that I desired to have.

It started with changing small habits, like honesty and being truthful, not just with myself but with others. I made a pact with myself that, I shall never deprive myself truth, because truth is love. By not depriving myself of truth about myself to myself, truth about myself to others, truth about others to myself and truth about others to others, I began to walk a road less travelled but one that allowed me to stop being horrible to myself and others, and practice tough love with myself and others.

From that moment on, I started to give more compliments to others, appreciating good things about myself and seeing more beauty in life. I started being present, and I also began to have less regrets and more achievements. I was evolving with the world, Mother Earth, as she too was unable to hold in fear that comes with dishonesty, lack of transparency and games that humans play with one another.

Through my self-inflicted truth serum, I started attracting things of the same nature as what I desire to be, and begun to reject things that took me away from my desire. Truth became a harvesting tool in my life which separated those who chose to walk with me in truth. Those who didn't walk with me in truth were soon dispelled from my life. These people literally disappeared and I have never seen them since.
Love is your birthright. Fight for it!

And, here is my truth:

The truth is that, I detest discord and fear. I detest having my heart in a place of uncertainty, and I can't stand insecurity, indecisiveness, indirectness and indignity. I can not handle the energy of duplicity. I just get drained when I do these things. So, I speak when I wish, and when I am not speaking it is because I do not wish to. I don't remember wanting to speak to someone and desiring to say something and being confronted by the fear of doing so. I do not fear things I avoid, I merely do not desire things that I avoid.

Unfortunately, not all of us realize that depriving ourselves of truth and living in lies, deceit, and all sorts of duplicitous worlds, is a form of saying, "I hate myself. I am not good enough for love, because love is truth." When we begin to understand the magnitude of being straight forward without the intention of being hurtful, but in the spirit of love and truth, we will understand that truth sets us free from the shackles of self-hate, self-destruction and low self-esteem.

When you speak the truth, and tell someone your truth, it comes from a place of pure power and confidence. When we speak lies, it comes from a place of fear, cowardice and self-loathing. When you have to restrict yourself from saying something nice in fear of being misconstrued as a loser, you are actually just declaring to yourself and the universe that you are not good enough to love and be loved. That is the bottom line. When you have to lie about how you feel, you are telling all of creation that you are not good enough to be who you are. When you live your lies, remember that, you are declaring that you can not be loved if you are truthful.

Isn't that sad?

Isn't that lonely?

Isn't that sacrilegious?

Truth and Freedom are your birthright. Fight for them!!
You are a beautiful human being who does not need to hide who they are. This is regardless of imperfections, struggles and weaknesses that you may perceive yourself to have. This is why I am honest. This is why I have faith that you will take my candour for what it is. If you choose to take it for cruelty or as a reason for you to feel good about yourself, so be it. I take people puffing themselves up due to my actions as charity. They can have the good feeling I gave them. I don't care because I also feel good. If you take my truth as cruelty, I also don't take it seriously. It is a favour I am doing you to show you that, you don't think that much of yourself if you think I would just hurt you for no reason.

I can hurt you intentionally, but I am only capable of doing such if I am hurt. Otherwise I am always trying to spread good vibes, evolution and freedom. I wish more people came on board with me. I am lucky though to have a partner who is as candid as I am. If we are hurt, happy, needy, distant or loving towards one another, we take it at face value. We do not pretend to be hurt, or pretend not to care about each other, or pretend to be happy when we are not about each other. We speak our truth, and carry on loving ourselves. What overflows from loving ourselves, we give to the other.

So, truth is the first step to being free of pain. I learnt this the hard way. To the plebs that are still being duplicitous, enjoy your journey, and taking the long route there. Eventually you will get there. We all do.




Rekoele Dibetso said…
Thank you so much for this post. I am going through a phase right now where the Universe has just opened itself up to me through love. I am dealing with my own hurt and pain and how I used to want to punish myself because of my past and things that I really had no control over. I wish you love.
Inana said…
Thank you, I wish you love too.Truth and love.

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