The ANC Is Going To Make Me Vomit!

African National Congress (ANC) Emblem
Dearest Reader,

Chief Albert Luthuli
On Sunday, the 8th of January, I will be performing in front of thousands of people on a very historic day for South Africa, i.e. The ANC Centenary. The word "centenary" is self-explanatory; The ANC is celebrating their 100th year as an organization and a political party. Although I might not be happy about politicians in general due to my assumption that they are corrupt and self-serving, I would never have even had the opportunity to sing for a living were it not for The ANC and its members who died for my salvation. It may sound dramatic, but this is exactly what they did for us and I am forever grateful. As a matter of fact, I actually can't believe that I am being paid to perform at this event because performing would have been payment enough.
Steve Biko

This political party was once deemed as a terrorist organization in the old apartheid regime of South Africa with Nelson Mandela being the Osama Bin Laden of their time, and now these very terrorists are the leaders of the Republic of South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize winners and one of the most inspiring examples of human strength and fighting spirit. Perspective is interesting, is it not? Why are some called terrorists and why are some called heroes? How does one change from one to another? Why are some dead and why are some alive? That's another blog, but it is an interesting topic to ponder if you are a seeker of truth.

This speaks to my heart in volumes, because I always support the underdog as I have always been one all my life. I am honored to be part of their celebrations because they literally saved my life by giving me more choices than I would have had otherwise as a black South African. I don't care how cynical, anti-establishment you are; you can not ignore the sacrifice and duty that The ANC and its members provided for us in South Africa. For that, I say a huge, resounding "Thank YOU" to these real life heroes.

Chris Hani
I should be rehearsing instead of writing this blog update but oh, well... I have 4 days to get my act together. I will be performing 10-15 minute sets throughout the day at different venues for the celebrations, which means that I will be doing a maximum of 5 songs, which isn't much. It will be just me and my guitar, jamming as usual, which is a bit of a relief too because the performance won't be pretentious, which means that it will be familiar as I always play with just me and my guitar. On the other hand, it is more frightening because I don't have a band to play off and "hide"behind, but who cares, I will just drink my beta-blockers and hope for the best.

Yes, I don't drink and I don't take drugs (yet) so, I will be pretty nervous. I won't have a drink, a smoke or a line to help me cope. It will be quite interesting. I know I am going to vomit either before after a set from nerves. That is a sure thing! I have the most extreme performance anxiety known to man, but that won't stop me, unfortunately. I won't let anything that is in my power stop me from doing what I desire, even this.

Oliver Tambo
There will be other artists playing there. It will be an extravaganza of South African talent. I will not mention them here because I am not certain who they are, but besides that, this is my blog and you guys know how self-centered I am. Yes, it is all about me, me and ME. God! Just writing this blog has me getting indigestion from the thoughts of it all. So, let me stop typing and get myself an antacid.

Happy New Year.

I was going to say more, but I do feel sick now from thinking about this gig.

Thank You,

Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power!

Nelson Mandela

P.S. Google the guys whose pictures are on this blog post. Learn about them. Know their life stories, and know what some of them died for. What was their message? What was their cause? And those who live, study them too, and learn the struggle of darkness versus light that is politics, fighting for freedom and what has been sacrificed for the world to be as it is today.


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