I am The Messiah: I Speak of Myself In Third Person Regularly

Dearest Reader,

This is my favorite song by Drake. It's called, "Say What's Real". This song and another called "Successful" featuring Trey Songz, are the only songs by Drake which I truly enjoy.

First and foremost, I am Veronnica Wolpendz, a singer, song-writer and a guitarist plus a teacher (not professionally). That is WHAT I am before anything else right now, even though I have a lot of other refined skills. As for WHO I am, I AM. Yes, the answer to WHO I am is "I AM". These are very important things to remember about me, so that, when you require any of my time, it must contribute to both these things. If it doesn't contribute to these things, and you ask more or less of me than What or Who I am, you will pay for my time in some form whether it be monetary, or through a product or a service to make up for my time because it takes lots of energy to go outside of what I have chosen to be.
Veronnica Wolpendz and Jerry Deeuw (3rd person talk) hehehe

This is why I charge for performances. Performing, although quite exhilarating and exciting, drains me. I get absolutely harassed by performing, and I always need to retreat before I perform. But, as I said, I get paid to perform, and so, although it is something I choose to do, it is still a service I provide outside of What I do. You see, I sing, write songs and play guitar for fun, at home, on my own. When there are people involved, it becomes a job, a nice job, but a job nonetheless. You may wonder why I even perform then if it is so taxing, and the answer is that I owe it to the world to share what I have been given, a gift from the gods. *dramatic much?* Performing is not about me. It is about a duty and a calling. I know this sounds absolutely arrogant, but wait and see. Just wait and see as you and many others get touched by my work. It is out of my hands really. I merely perform what was given to me by something bigger than me, and this material I perform touches people, and me too, by the way. Call it the Messiah Complex if you like. I speak my truth. As a matter of fact, if you think I have this complex, you can eat me!

Me as the Messiah. LMAO!

What I wouldn't charge for, because I have no problem doing it, is creating the music. Creating and writing music actually energizes me. It is the easiest thing ever! The only effort comes in mastering the songs and making no errors when I play them. So, as far as I am concerned, people can have my music for free. If I was the only person involved in making the music and an album. If it didn't take money to make, I'd give it away for free, honestly! But, there are producers, marketers, and all sorts of people who are involved in getting songs recorded and an album out, so it can't be free. Anyway, the money from sales won't come to me anyways, so in essence, I am doing it free.

Speaking of albums, I am 3 songs away from finishing my album. I thought I would do an EP but it turns out that I have an album's worth of material within the time period that was allocated to doing an EP, therefore, I am going to releasing an album this year, not an EP. I suppose, that is good news, but it makes no difference to me. EP, LP, Album, or whatever... To me it is a bunch of songs that I will be giving away for free so that I can be booked to perform to touch people's lives. That is all this means to me. Honestly!  

After writing this blog, I am going to start writing some lyrics (and watching tv) because I always write those last, like the day before they are needed. I work better under pressure, or maybe it is a habit I got from school when I would procrastinate until the last minute and still get a higher mark than the kids that started first. Yeah... That describes me quite well, actually. I never start first. There are always delays and challenges in my journey, but what's amazing is that, I always come out on top. I can say this now because I recognize a pattern as I look back at my life's events. 

Zakes Mda on the cover of his latest book. Click on link below to buy!
Other than the music, people think I am chilling doing nothing because I don't talk about the things I do outside my music. The reason for that is because I am intent on being known to those who have not met me as an artist first, and other things last. Besides, it is very interesting to see how people treat you when they think they have nothing to gain from you, i.e. people treat you very badly if they have nothing to gain from you, unless they are beautiful souls who don't care about the material/physical. It is quite telling. Especially because I don't drive (unless I have to) in this car obsessed society of ours. *laughs and shakes head in amusement* I bet you're curious why I don't drive, huh? Well, it has nothing to do with being broke, even though I have BEEN broke many times in my life. I am writing a book, and it will all be in there because it is a very interesting story. Gawd! I have so many stories. I have stories for days! Weird, twisted, and amusing stories. 

"Book?" you ask. Yes, I am writing a book. Zakes Mda is the brains behind it, and that is all I am saying about it until it is time to blog about it. It is not yet time to reveal that particular story. All you have to know is that, I am writing a book, with Zakes Mda holding my hand every step of the way. I am pretty lucky to have my hand held by a legend. To be honest, I still think I am dreaming to have such an opportunity, to receive guidance from this man is something I have dreamed of. Actually, musically, another legend is holding my hand but that's all going to be in the book too. 

*** NB: Please do yourselves a favor and get Zakes Mda's Memoirs called Sometimes There Is A Void Just click and buy, for crying out loud, you cheapskate!! 

In the words of Drake, who's song "Say What's Real" is posted above because I love this song,

"How could you pass up on [her]? [She] just take them records and [she] gas up on 'em..."

Thanks for reading,

Best Regards and a wet kiss to you,
Veronnica Wolpendz

Love, Peace an Power. 


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