Citrine by Tasneem Moosa (Fashion) Part 1.

Dearest Reader,

There is a new fashion line in town called Citrine by Tasneem Moosa (my friend who is stylish and gorgeous. Before I post the pictures of her collection, I would like to write up a bit of info about her, her fashion line and a little personal touch so that you guys get a better idea and feel for her collection. She will be my first choice when I am getting my style on.


Citrine by Tasneem Moosa

Classic, Clean and Chic fashion.

Introducing the Citrine collection by Tass. Exquisite pieces imported
and handpicked in Italy by designers such as Elizabetta Franchi,
Massimo Rebecchi, Les Copains and Iceberg. Known for their understated
elegance, luxurious fabrics and traditional Italian
craftmanship...these designers offer stunning timeless pieces that
will last you years.

Citrine also offers accessories by Gucci, Hermes, Botegga Venetta,
Balenciaga, Chloe and Givenchy...

Tasneem Moosa, like me and all my friends, is a small town coastal girl, from Port Shepstone. We went to the same schools from primary until high school, thereafter we all naturally left our small town lives and moved to the cities, I went to Jhb and she left the country all together. She is a family gal, and a Virgo like me. In fact, our birthdays are 7 days apart. Our favourite past time in school was to giggle and be the teacher's pet in order to get chores from the teacher and escape class work. As A students, we just went to school to get bored because the material was far too easy for us, and like me, she intended to do other things in life, but the Arts said, "You're Mine!" I always ask her why she isn't a model, but in respect for Islam, she is not a exhibitionist like me. Instead, she she is going to dress and make models glamourous, (and me of course). She has the same thing of looking younger the more she grows, which I think gave us the chance to redirect our lives and make our dreams come true because it seems like we got 10 years extra to do life again.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a taste of her collection. It looks better on the runway, but this is a taste, so be grateful that I could get these pics. I am proud of my friend, and let me tell you one thing; Tasneem is one of those friends who was there when I needed her, just like my significant other. She knows me at my weakest, and I can say the same about her. I trust her, and love this woman. It is a great pity that life always took my friends away earlier in life, but now, we are back together.

Hmmm... It's so, strange how all of us including my significant other (another Virgo) went to school together.

Okay, I present to you, Citrine:


Look Below For a Better Look At Each Bag

 Part 2 will follow with other chic items. Leave a message if you want to know more.

Love, Peace and Power to you Tasneem, my lovely, friend.

Veronnica Wolpendz


Anonymous said…
Hi There... Are the bags originals? And what would the price range be?
Hi there Anon. Tasneem will log on and answer your question. Thanks for your interest.

Tasneem Moosa said…
HI, Please email me on and I can give you all the details.
Thank you

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