My Day of Peace, Balance and Nothingness.

hubnab-ku (balance)
Dearest Reader,

Before I attempt to sleep, I thought it was appropriate to update this blog, simply because I have not done so in a very long time and I have a few moments to spare.

I have nothing in particular to discuss, even though there have been many developments and intrigues that have occurred in my life since my last post. I suppose I will leave the 'update' for some other time when I'm in a different mood. For now, I would just like to speak about nothing in particular, you know? Have you ever felt this way, where you just don't feel like discussing anything because nothing is more pleasurable than the simple experience of the present moment of silence?

taijitu (balance)
I have no particular opinion about anything right now, good or bad. I am not unhappy, and neither am I ecstatic. I am just at peace. Nothing moves me. I am unmoved. Nothing is worth my thought energy other than silence. Nothing stands out. That's how I feel right now, and I am enjoying this feeling. It is quite rare for me to feel such peace, balance and serenity. I am usually caught up in some drama, intrigue, passion, intensity; engrossed in some robust temperament. Come to think of it, maybe I am going to fall asleep after this blog post, but I don't care if I do or not, even though it would benefit me to do so.

In a nutshell, I am in a nothing-really-matters mood. *deep sigh* This feels good. I don't want to spoil it with thoughts of worldly things because this feeling is rather ethereal. I think this feeling is why people smoke weed. I say "I think" because weed just makes me uptight and paranoid.

For the entire day today, I have cared very little about the going-ons of the world. I merely gazed upon the world with detached observation in the same manner that I would look upon an ant colony that is busy about its work. I am not phased, but pleasantly so, and not once today was I surprised, impressed, shocked, angered, excited or worked up by anything. I have just been in a matter-of-fact mood and if I shared my opinion,  it was with no desire for any particular outcome.

It's funny how I can describe nothingness in so many words. It is ironic because an apt way to describe this zen mood would have been to just not write at all, but something said I must write, so I did. Simple as that.
yin-yang (balance)

Anyway, that is all.  I am going to end this blog of nothingness right here.

Have a beautiful evening/day/morning.
Blessings to you all.
May you feel the peace that I am feeling. It is quite nice.


Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power!


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