Hottest Men Alive Today!

Dearest Reader,

I would like to apologize to the men who are about to read this blog post. The subject matter and contents are more suited for the feminine kind among us. I was sitting in my bedroom, about to sleep and I decided to Google one of my favorites currently, Micheal Fassbender, when I came up with the idea of doing a list of hot men as a blog post. It is a frivolous exercise, only meant to amuse and titillate and nothing more. So, here goes the list, in no particular order.

  1. Michael Fassbender.
He has piercing blue eyes, by the way...
 There is good-looking, and then there is Michael Fassbender. He is in a league of his own. As a matter of fact, due to his gorgeousness, He is an actor and was born in Germany and raised in England, I think. Actually, who cares. Look at him, and that is all you need to know about this man. 

2. Leonardo DiCaprio
He is King of my world, that's for sure.

Leonardo DiCaprio. Need I say more? I think not. But, if you must insist... This guy is so hot! I can't deal! *fans self* He is not only magnificent, he is also talented, accomplished, wealthy and powerful. Basically, I can't think of any man that can compete with this one. He is in a league of his own, and I am in awe of his deliciousness. 

3. Jason Momoa
I am not a fan of dreadlocks but in his case, dreadlocks are sexy!
I first paid attention to this hot piece of man candy in the HBO series called Game of Thrones. Goodness gracious! He is so hot that he made me want to be forcefully married to a barbarian. He is also Conan, which I have not yet seen, but which I will definitely see, so as to marvel at his manly perfection. Yum!

4. Michael Ealy
Thank you sweet Jesus for this man!

This man is an actor. He has been in huge films such as that movie where Will Smith is dying, that movie I didn't finish... Seven Pounds, I think it's called. He is also in an ensemble cast in the movie Takers where he is a con man. After that film, I was less judgmental of women who date and marry criminals because I would do it in a second if a criminal looked this good. He is so hot, Beyonce used him in her video for the song called Halo. Wow! Just look at those eyes. *sigh*

5. Sizwe Dhlomo
He is my twitter crush and now you know why.

This young man is only 28 yrs old and already he is a tv veteran, radio presenter, club Dj and a hot piece of ass. That's not the only thing that's causing a craze about him. Above all that entertainment industry stuff, the boy has business skills that are to be envied, but who cares about that. Just look at him! He is hotter than the devil's toenails and is the very reason why mothers should beware for their daughters! Sweet mother of God, those eyes. I can't deal!

6. Jesse Williams
Oh my Lawd! He looks delicious!
I am not sure if I can do this man justice. He is also a music video vixen (lol) having appeared in Rihanna's video where she was being suicidal. What was it called? Russian Roulette? Whatever. I wasn't really listening to the song. I was watching Jesse like a hawk, being mesmerized by love potion of beauty and sexiness. I wish I could lick him for some reason. He looks delicious, like freshly baked bread. 

7. Terrell Owens
Hot like hell's inferno! Daayyyymmm.
This man... I can't deal. He is just up my alley, that is, he is tall, dark and handsome. He is also big and strong which means that he can carry me. *looks away shyly* Terrell is an American Football player, and he also has a reality show where he walks about without his shirt on at least once per episode, which I am thankful for. He is beautiful, I think. He is just magnificent. 

8. Willy Monfret
Forgive me Father for I do much coveting right now... 
WOW! Can you say "God's gift to womankind!"? Holy smokes! This man is beautifully created and sculptured. I just can't stop looking at his wonderful fine self. He is angelic, in an Archangel sort of way, where we have a mixture of power and grace in one. He is also a video vixen as seen in Nicki Minaj's video who's name I don't know or care to Google right now. Thank you God! Nuff said!

9. Idris Elba
A man's man. Yes, this is a real man!!
He is a seasoned Thespian from the United Kingdom and his is a wonderfully tall, dark and handsome man. He has that suave that can not be learned or bought. He was born with it, and oh, how magnificently he handles himself. Stylish, mature and elegant, he is my dream long-term partner. He oozes sex appeal. I can't even tell where exactly it oozes from but it is there! Wow! What a fabulous and magnificent specimen of a man. What a mouth-watering offering from the Gods! 

10. Wentworth Miller
I melt! I just melt!
As I type this, and as I look at how divine this man is, I have to stop myself from making cooing sounds because that is just weird. But who cares... *coos* Wentworth Miller is an actor from that series back in the day called Prison Break. He has a timeless beauty that can not be denied. Look at those eyes. They seem to be calling me... This is the type of man that would get you in trouble because you just wouldn't be able to deny him. He is hypnotic. Bravo, God! Bravo! This was an exemplary creation. Well Done! *sighs*

I hope you enjoyed that eye-candy! 

Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power!!


Anonymous said…
Thanks, Veronnica--lovely list. One point: Idris Elba, who's always excellent, is actually British (see 'Luther' 'PBS version of Othello')--though he plays a hell of an American ('The Office' 'The Wire') And though I thank you, I'm thinking you had a pretty good time putting this together ;)
Thanks Julie for the correction. I shall edit it immediately and replace "States" with "Kingdom" *salivates at the site of Idris*

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