It's never a reflection of YOU but of ME!

Dear Reader,

One thing I know for sure about me is that I’m not perfect but I have a lot to offer. I know that my life is far from perfect and therefore, I am not a master of life but merely a student of life. Even though I have come to make it my mission to be a diligent student, I know that what I know and the knowledge which I have tried to apply into action, is only a small part of what I am capable of because I am still learning, just like everybody else.

You have heard me before say that I think that people always claim to want the truth when in actual fact they are really saying, “Lie to me!” and when I say people, I include myself in that group. We live in a world that is politically correct, where “civility” is put first before honesty, and although I can understand the validity of sensitivity, many times in life we find ourselves where one can not be truthful without being insensitive, or when one can not be sensitive without telling a lie. So, when presented with this catch 22 situation, what does one do?

Therefore, I have chosen to go with the truth, and I have left sensitivity for those who are better at it than I am. I am not the most tactful person out there. I am not using this as an excuse to be an asshole, but it is something I know about myself. In fact, I am trying to be tactful and sensitive to people’s feelings and I try all the time to be the embodiment of compassion in my everyday life. Does being compassionate mean that I have to be nice to people, or does it mean that I speak my truth with people if I believe that it would allow some growth, even if that personal truth of mine is not comfortable?

My take on life is as follows:

Love is truth. Love is God. Love is Eternal and Love does not exist where fear exists. If I speak my truth to people, it is not that I am trying to hurt another with my words, it is always because I care enough to say what I THINK needs to be heard. I believe that knowing my personal truth is knowing God in the way that He has chosen to express himself through me. Love is eternal and therefore what I believe to be my personal truth can not be changed by time and space in that time/space. Therefore, what I feel is what it is, and nothing can change it unless I change my perspective because it is OPINION to you, and personal truth to me – NOT absolute truth.

Now, I have seen that people, including myself, feel OFFENDED by words, actions and lack of  words and actions, where no offense should be taken because a person’s words and actions are their definition of their SELF not of ME! Nothing that anyone says to me should be taken personally because everything that everyone says to me is THEIR OPINION, not the absolute truth. To be hurt by other people’s words is to accept it as YOUR TRUTH and so with this I say that, we feel about other people’s words and actions, what we allow ourselves to feel.

What hurts me is to see people get hurt by things that can not hurt them. What hurts me is not that people take my words to heart, or that they think I am wrong. I know that I am neither wrong nor right, and I know that I am both right and wrong. I know that what I say is just what it is, and that if I have ever said anything to anyone, it shouldn’t be taken to heart, but that it should be taken as an opinion.  I know that my words either resonate with your truth or they don’t resonate with your truth,  and I know that my words are not worthy enough to be taken as truth because  no one but the One Ultimate Creator can BE the absolute truth to you. 

Especially on this realm of the relative of ours, my actions are YOUR OPPORTUNITY to definite WHO YOU ARE relative to me. So, we have to, in life, agree to disagree when personal truths are at odds. When I speak, or act, relative to you, I am merely presenting an opportunity to reaffirm or change who you are. When I reaffirm who you are, and you don’t agree with what I say, it is merely that; nothing more, and nothing less. It is sad that people can never understand that. It saddens me that people can feel pain from such a glorious opportunity to BE WHO THEY ARE.

I could go on forever about this, but I guess there is no point, is there? We are not here to convince each other of what is right or wrong, therefore when opinions differ, let them differ and let go. And so, when I find myself in a situation where someone wants to change my mind about something, or in a situation where someone is retaliating against my personal truth, all I can do is listen because there is nothing I can do but to try and understand their opinion – because I don’t know about you but I was not born to be understood but to understand.

When opinions are at a stalemate, there is just nothing more to say is there. All one can do is listen, embrace the other persons truth and try to understand them. That is all I can do. That is all I think is in my power to do. Just because my opinion differs doesn’t mean that I do not understand your personal truth. It merely means that I am glorifying MY personal truth which isn't in harmony with your PERSONAL TRUTH.


Anyway, have a lovely week ahead on this Sunday
Please, don’t take it personally, whatever it is.
It is NEVER about you! What people see is seen through their personal filters.

I Love you All so much, and I thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I am so grateful that you wonderful humans share my journey with me. Even this blog is my opinion and my personal truth. Nothing more, nothing less, and I know that you don’t have to agree with my opinions, but I hope that by what I say and write, you can get the opportunity to define or redefine WHO YOU ARE.

Veronnica Wolpendz!


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