Well, Look 'What the Cat Dragged in...


Dear Reader,

I hope you have had a good start to the New Year. God knows, my year ended with a flop last year, filled with intrigue, betrayal and villains. Well, I am happy to announce that I don’t stay in a bad place for too long. I am resilient, generally positive and very determined to live my dreams; therefore self-pity, depression and negativity are usually without a leg to stand on in my life. Yes, I remind myself of the Phoenix who rises from the ashes after being burned (by duplicitous managers).

That is why I chose this blog’s picture to be of a representation of the mythical Phoenix, with a woman incorporated there because you can’t get this woman down. Yep, I am quite the fighter. I don’t fight against people, but I fight against negativity and darkness; I fight against internal demons that try to convince me to give up, to feel sorry for myself, to take out my pain on others, etc. Well, I have won this round. I don’t wish anyone badly. In fact, I wish everyone the best; “everyone” being you, you double crossing… *breath… 10… 9… 8… 7… 1… Sigh* You are forgiven, but it doesn’t mean that we can be friends.

Actually, the truth is that I have nothing substantial to write about, other than to share with you that I am quite happy and strong. Out of disappointment have come lots of blessings and I am kind of grateful that everything happened they way it did because had it not, I wouldn’t be feeling this good.

All shall be revealed later. I am not being intentionally mysterious. I am just keeping my cards close to my chest because I have a big mouth and tend to celebrate before papers are signed. Then, things fall through and I come here on this blog all heartbroken and wounded. Well, there shall be none of that this time. All you should know is that I am writing more songs, singing everyday and furthering my career quite steadily. Of course, I’d prefer world-wide fame overnight than a gradual road to the summit, but hey… that's just me. The Universe has other plans for me and I am happy with it because it would seem that the Universe knows more of what is good and necessary for me than I do.

In the meantime, I have been looking at sacrificing virgins to the Devil, to see if that might get me what I desire. *LOL* I happened on a film called 'Jennifer’s Body' the other day and I have been joking to everyone that they had better not be virgins because I WILL sacrifice them to the devil to further my career. To the fanatical Christians, this is called “joking”, just in case you missed it. Next thing, I get big success and everyone is accusing me of being the Illuminati. So, I am joking, ok?

Anyway, have a lovely day, people. I surely am.

Yeah, I hope you haven’t been looking forward to an update because it must surely be a disappointment to have waited this long, for THIS.

Veronnica Wolpendz Loves You to Death!



Angela said…
I remember this. I read it, not realizing that other things had happened elsewhere, and thinking this referred to me - due to the fact that a couple of people still suspected me over that mess that now seems a lifetime ago. I was in such a state, and have been on and off for most of the year - but what got to me, was that I'd been in a state before all of that, and that someone (or more than one person) would use me as a scapegoat, for their stupid, childish actions... and that I'd been betrayed by someone I'd loved, not long before that.

I occasionally envy those of you who have developed strong friendships - although I am friends with a few people from the place we both used to visit. I was so wound up at the time, that it didn't occur to me that I had people fighting for me, and defending me, I was so used to having to look after myself. I've been looking back and thinking how much better things were than I realized, a year ago, and feeling sad for the way some things have turned out.

Anyway, best of luck.

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