Oh, One More Thing...

... For someone who doesn't ingest many calories, I have often wondered why I am so... voluptuous all of a sudden. It happened overnight, but in 3 stages over a few years. In 2008, I gained. Then I plateaued, and couldn't take the weight off no matter how much I tried. In 2012, I gained weight again, and plateaued, couldn't lose it still. Then, in 2014, I gained more weight, and I think I am gaining and losing it alternating between weeks. From B Cup breasts (2008), I went to C (2011) and now I am firmly at DD (2013), wondering what the heck is happening to my body. With each growth sprout, my hips became wider too. I thought it was aging, but no, it was hormones, caused by my uterus as discussed in the previous blog post. Don't mention the pimples. Just don't mention them.

I eat so well, that I don't even have an inkling of bad cholesterol, or anything that may be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle because I do my yoga too. That's a bummer. I should have just been unhealthy, then maybe I could understand better why all of this is happening. In fact, stop what you're doing, go have whatever you want, because you will get sick anyway.

Well, I got my test results back last week, and I have insulin resistance. No one knows what causes it, especially in a case of someone like me who watches what they eat, but it is linked to women with reproductive problems like me. Also, it is a forewarning for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other things which when I was reading about them, had my head spinning.

Question: What does this mean, other than that my life is fucked?

Answer: It means that above all the other crap I am going through, I have to be chubby through it, until my body eases back to its normal state, or get type 2 diabetes, get obese and die.

Solution: Fortunately, there is a solution. I need to up my protein intake, decrease my carbs, keep on being relatively active, and with the NuvaRing, I should be balancing my hormones and seeing some recognisable changes in three months or so.

In the meantime: I have to deal with migraines, nausea, cramps, hot flashes, fatigue, lack of patience with the human race as they think I have time to deal with their issues while I have my own to deal with, and... drink pills that alleviate the above mentioned symptoms.

During this time, the worst time of the beginning of my road to wellness, I am gearing up to release my 1st single. I will write a separate blog for that. But, can you imagine feeling the way I feel and having to have studio sessions, photoshoots, meetings, music lessons, learning lines, and being positive? I bet you can not unless you have been through it because there is nothing positive when you have a continuous migraine for days (12 days so far), coupled with constant nausea. I wake up feeling sick, I go to sleep feeling sick. It just doesn't stop.


Now, I have to go buy eggs... I seldom eat eggs, because my diet is almost vegan, but if I need to increase protein levels, it is the only protein I think packs proper punch because eating legumes daily has not been successful. So, I need to turn it up a notch.

Anyway, that's all.

May no one ever tell me that my life is easy. Through it all, I pick myself up every morning and act like I am the healthiest person on earth, never complaining (okay, I complain a little), but I get my ish done, and keep it moving.

Okay, later y'all.



Amanda said…
Eggs are fantastic for that. When I was pregnant with the boys, the midwife made me eat many eggs a day. She was sure that getting enough protein, along with other things, was key to bringing twin babies to term.

As the boys were 38+ weeks when born, I'd have to agree with her.

Inana said…
Hi My Dear Manda Bear!

Eggs are truly the best solution. I am going to eat them like I am getting paid to eat them. :) At least I don't mind how they taste.

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