Hello 2014!

Hey there,

It is a New Year, but to me, it is just another year. It is just like any other year. Nothing has changed. My heart still seeks the same things. My mind still thirsts for knowledge. My body still needs to be a good temple. So, 2014 is not the beginning of anything. It is just a continuation of the mundane. The only true beginning was when I was born. The rest has just been a journey of trying to find peace, love and power in a world filled with unrest, fear and weakness.

Fortunately, I do improve on my quests. I do learn how to navigate Earth better than previously. I do learn from the past, on an endeavour to enjoy, preserve and appreciate the present moment. All there is is NOW, so years, days and weeks do not matter to me. Calendars have changed in the past, and years changed in duration according to who the ruler of the world was. So, I don't care for "New Year". It doesn't give me a fresh start. I get a fresh start in every moment I live, by changing my perspective and reaffirming my desires (or turning my back on my desires).

Besides, as far as I am concerned, years start on Equinoxes, months start on the New Moon, and days start when the sun rises, not according to numbers, but according to events of our Earth relative to the Sun's position in our solar system (and even our galaxy). New Year's Day is not an event, unless it occurs on a New or Full Moon. That's my opinion. Although I feel this way, I can not say that I do not understand those who feel differently, and get a sense of renewal on the 1st of January. To those people, I do wish them a good year ahead, and I hope they maintain their motivation to change their lives.

Okay, enough of that. Below is my first audio-visual recording of me speaking, not singing. This to me is an event because it is something I have never done before.



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