I Detoured To Wilkinson County On My Way To Germany.

I like how happy Honey Boo Boo's family is.

Just as I was getting the motivation and inspiration to tackle my German learning mission, the discs that come with the book are taking so long to get imported into iTunes that I regret ever doing it. It has been 44 minutes of waiting for this audio to get into my computer and ready to use. Then there is syncing the whole thing because... Ugh! Fuck it!

So, this somewhat promising early morning has turned from possible productivity to watching "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" on the net. I mean, how far can one fall? From prospects of learning, to swimming in the cesspool of reality television. Just great!

Not to mention being hormonal and craving food EVERY. SINGLE. HOUR! I just want to cry.

I'll study tomorrow, or later today I guess... The motivation to learn has not only left, but even if it had not, I am now too tired to think, since it is almost 3am.

During all of this, I keep on thinking how Google and Apple have all my life's details, wondering what they are doing with it, if anything. Yeah, PMS comes with random thoughts and fancies that get you to deep, dark places of the mind, or if you're lucky, PMS and its drama get you nowhere.

What was I saying?

*reads last paragraph*

Oh, and I get scatterbrained, restless, tense and irritable when PMS-ing, so...

Ummm... I got distracted by Honey Boo Boo's mom dancing.

I am going to leave it right here, because even this blog post has no direction other than to demonstrate how I have no direction right now.




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