A Short Funny Story

Hey there,

So, while visiting my boyfriend's parents, it came to pass that I mentioned losing my shoes while my BF and I were floating down the Rhine River. It was all my fault. I think I left them when I took them off to climb onto the boat, at the river's edge, on the German side of the river. We had stopped for refreshments and I was slightly out of my mind due to the heat, so I wasn't sharp enough to remember to take the shoes once I took them off.

So, the story came out about the sadness of losing my shoes, and the first thing my boyfriend's mom did was look at her son and say, "You know what you need to do. Why didn't you replace the shoes as soon as possible, or go look for them?" LOL!

Let's just say that I am with his mom on this. Guys don't understand the intimate relationship that some of us develop with shoes. I loved those sandals...

So, today my boyfriend's mom came and told me that she saw a pair that I should get to match the earrings she got me a week or so ago. Hahahahahah... I tell my boyfriend about this, and he pretty much dismissed me. I will remind him at his mom's place again about it this weekend when we go for dinner. LOL! I need reinforcements and support in getting these shoes replaced, even though it was all my fault that I lost them.

My boyfriend's mom said that the shoes she saw were on sale and the amount she mentioned was still shocking, even at 50% off, so we will see. Even though I like pretty things, I feel bad about them when they cost three times more than my monthly rent. That's just my normal cheap self talking, but as cheap as I am, I do love beautiful things, so I will have to strike a balance.


Good night.

P.S. And, My boyfriend's mom pretty much told him that unless he plans to marry me, he mustn't waste my time. Hahahahah. I love that woman! No wishy washy business. Straight to the point. Ha! 


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