Thank You For The Beautiful Angels

Dearest Reader,

It's strange that while I was away on holiday with my significant other, I slept like clockwork, which was around 12 midnight and I woke up in the morning in time to be showered and ready to mission out into the world by 10am. I had a pattern. Sleeping was easy. I also had no worries in the world. Life was easy. And now I am back to the real world and I have to deal with oppositions, the future and all sorts of foreboding nightmares  And look at me, I am up at 5am for the first time in a while, "trying" to sleep. I guess sleep is contagious?

It is quite evident that some people's energies affect me well in such a way that I am calm, care-free and safe, while most people make me feel the opposite. It is these rare people for which I am grateful because they make my life much easier to navigate. They enrich my soul and give me that extra dose of much needed relaxation that I lack generally.

Therefore, let me declare that I am grateful for so much in my life right now. I am grateful that there is a person, other than my family, who makes me feel stronger. Even though I may have moments of weakness where I feel alone, I need only think of this person to remind myself that I am not alone. That kind of security and safety is priceless. Sure, I have a family who will always be with me, and sure I take them for granted because in reality, they are a bigger security source, but family is meant to be your comfort. But, to have a human who is not related to me, have a calming effect on me, is quite new to me. I am concerned about life, but not as much as usual, which is always to the point of panic.

I have always relied on myself to make myself panic and to calm myself thereafter. I have never quite had the luxury to have external factors or people be my source of peace or unrest, for that matter. I was the soul creator and catalyst for my own reality. Now, I  have an external catalyst. It is a new phenomenon which I am welcoming with open arms; an anomaly which I embrace with gratitude and appreciation because having lived my life, and having observed other people's lives, it would seem as though this is a rare gift. As one who is reflective, I can not just go on and downplay such a miracle. I am lucky, honored and quite privileged to experience love, peace and inner power so effortlessly due to another person. With that, I am going to thank the universe.

Thank you, Universe, for keeping your promise to me. I asked and you responded. I searched and I found. I dare say that I am happy. But how dare I say such when there is so much keeping me awake? I don't know. All I know is that regardless of the harsh, tumultuous world around me, with its devils and villains, inside I am peace personified, inside I am the eye of the storm and I am almost looking at myself from outside myself saying, "The unrest is the falsity. The peace is the true world. The dramas are opportunities to define yourself. The peace is your true and higher nature." Blessed is he who allows me to experience peace because peacemakers are the angels and guardians of lost souls. They shall be rewarded for their energy by getting what they give tenfold. Amen! Blessed is he who let's my higher self shine through. Blessed is he who inspires ne to be as I have been praying to be. Amen!

Maybe it is coincidence, but I am pretty certain that the valley of the shadow of death is not menacing because I hold a bright light in my hand which is shining the way for me, allowing me to see that at least within a few feet, I am perfectly safe, and nothing will harm me.

Maybe I sound cryptic, or overly poetic. If so, I apologize. Grand things require theatrics for their gravity to be understood, and simple pleasures require no words, because words limit them by putting definitions on things that should not be defined - hence being cryptic.

I am in an oasis of paradise among the big, bad world and it is mainly because of my significant other who does not enforce peace but inspires it. I am more likely to hold on to a peaceful mind merely because he is in my life, because I just feel less alone. He triggers calm in me. What a lovely catalyst he is because he causes the types of reactions that add quality to my life. If only all humans affected each other this way. The world would be at peace. Some people save us from despair just by showing up, or by responding to our cries, or by just existing. My mom is this way too. I call such people angels. God sent us angels. We just have to see them or be thankful and mindful of their works which they do daily by merely existing.

Thank you.


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