Momzilla: The Hillbilly Mom

Dearest Reader,

I wasn't going to write for some time because I had nothing to share, when, like God's providence, this little gem fell onto my ratchet hands. I laughed until my stomach hurt, and thereafter, I shared it with those around me, and more laughter ensued. Look, we always blame teachers for every negative thing that occurs to our children because the excuse is that, teachers spend more time with the pupils, but what I am about to show you will dispute all those allegations and prove that, the problem is at home, NOT at school. The problem is with Momzillas!

Prepare to laugh your ass off, and read the letter below. Some background info is that an innocent teacher accidentally kicked a kid's bag from the second floor to the ground floor (stifles a laugh) and I suppose, the school bag was torn in the process, and this is how the parent retaliated to an innocent mistake.

And, oh, this parent has been watching Real Housewives of New York, or BasketBall Wives LA, because she is ghetto as f*ck. This is the kind of woman that will cut you with a nail file. Read and weep! LMAO

The Letter
We will turn a blind eye to the fact that her grammar and spelling are shocking, especially since she is writing to a teacher. I mean, if you're going to challenge a teacher to some after school sparring, the least you can do is let the teacher take you seriously by writing the summons to the duel in proper language. Not, Momzilla! No, she is so accustomed to social networks, probably twitter which is a stickler for shortening words, that  she didn't even bother writing out the entire word "YOU". Two more letters were just too exhausting for her. I suppose she was saving her strength for that fight off school property.

But, what is most alarming, ladies and gentlemen, is that, she is so angry at the world that she wants her kid traded for a school bag, I suppose in some black market this is the norm, where kids are sold for next to peanuts?? Therefore, if you know any person who is looking for a young boy to parent and guide, let me know... Just as long as you have a school bag for the exchange, other wise... No bueno! No deal. Only school bags allowed.

The highlight of the letter is the teacher's snarky response. Oh, Lord! I am laughing again!! LMAO!! When the Momzilla reads the reply to her inferno of a letter, I wonder if she will be more angered, or whether she will be confused. I bet my knickers that it will be the latter. I can just see her, googling the letter one word at a time, trying to make sense of it all.


Anyway, I was just sharing what i came across.

That is all.

Veronnica Wolpendz Loves YOU
Love, Peace and Power!!


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