Hello World. Thank You World

Thank You World
Hello There,

Thank you for reading my blog guys. *mwah*

In no particular order, I would like to thank Brazil, RSA, Germany, United Kingdom, Argentina, Israel, Croatia, USA, South Korea, Armenia, Vietnam, Canada, Switzerland, France, Ghana, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Spain, Kenya, Yemen, Colombia, Ukraine, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Ecuador, Malaysia, Russia, Italy, Burma, Morocco and all the other countries which my software doesn't pick up because there aren't enough readers to show.

I love you all. And, some of you shall see me very soon, and not for a social visit either. Yes, you will see me for work, i.e. song, dance and for love of music. Good times are ahead guys. Yes, I lose my cool, Naomi Campbell style, once in a while. Do you know why? I am human, an artistic and a dramatic one at that. Thank you for bearing with me. Thank you for listening to my music. Thank you for being here with me instead of elsewhere. I appreciate you.

I am busy in studio currently, making new tracks. I can't wait for you guys to hear how I have grown as an artist. Quitting smoking was the best thing I ever did for my voice. It was once weak and now it is not so. It was once meek and now it is no longer so. Heck, I didn't even know that I can still sing the way I do now. Okay, Okay, I seem to be setting it up a bit too much, but I am just sincerely grateful, that is all.

Another thing that you must note, my friends of the world. I am an emotional, passionate and intense individual. Without this combination of qualities, I would not be able to write the music I do. With sensitivity comes much strife, but with that strife comes a lot of beauty because I get the opportunity to hear, see and feel things that most hardened people can't feel.

There WILL be more hissy fits, but as someone advised me tonight, I shall have music accompany these hissy fits and put them in a musical and artistic context. On that note.... Here is a never heard before sound clip from years ago. I wrote this song (instrumental) when I was feeling deep emotions. I won't tell you whether it was positive or negative emotion. I'll let you decide. So, as a thank you present, I shall share this instrumental of mine.

  song by Veronnica Wolpendz 

*If any musician wants it, they can buy it.* <------- gotta add a sales pitch somewhere, right? :)

Okay, later dears.

Veronnica Wolpendz is in puppy love with ya.
I am thankful for so much today, because of you and your input, support and presence.


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