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Dear Reader,

I have been a little busy these last couple of days, but I’m not complaining. As a matter of fact, I have been very grateful to be working. There have been many times in the past where I have waited for something to happen, and here it is. Even with a little sleep deprivation on some days, I have been incredibly grateful to actually see that the universe has been conspiring to make things work out for me.

It all started with meeting Idan Raichel and his gang called the Idan Raichel Project. I must admit, I didn’t know who he was but after meeting him, I had to wonder why I didn’t know him because he is such a prolific and influential musician. It doesn’t help that as celebrated as he was, he behaved in the most humble of ways, so it was after googling him that I realized that I was in the presence of history in the making. It made me reflect upon how people who aren’t as celebrated as he always act in an arrogant, pompous and rude manner, while the people who have earned the “right” to act that way, like Idan Raichel, are so down-to-earth and gracious. Yes, the rude and arrogant ones are usually insecure but the humble and contained ones are usually secured in who they are. Meeting Idan Raichel proved this to me. The same thing happened when I worked with Snoop Dogg years back. So, it is a trend.

Thereafter, I re-recorded "Commentary" as it shall be the 1st single to represent me on radio and/or television. I shall write a blog separately for that experience at a later stage when the process is complete, but I can definitely say that my experience at the studio proved that I have grown not only vocally but also in confidence.

Next on the update is a new artist that is about to hit the WORLD by hurricane. His name is Jean Claude.
Take a moment and let his name sink into your consciousness.

This guy is not only a wonderful person, but he is also talented. He is pleasant, charismatic, easy on the eyes and so funny. More than that though, like the people mentioned above, he is talented, yet humble and a pleasure to be around. Just like me, he raps, sings and plays an instrument (piano), but unlike me, he dances too.

*Pssst... Yesterday while he and one of his dancers were rehearsing next door to where I was recording, they took their shirts off and I asked for a break from my producers; a break to go to the "bathroom" when in actual fact, I was off to marvel on his beautifully sculptured physique. *

Ahem… I digress… Where was I?  Oh, yes... Here he is his first single: Number 1 Girl.

So, Why am I speaking about Jean Claude, you may wonder?

Well, it is because I am excited. He and I will be writing a song together, and I can’t wait to see the creative process at work between the two of us. Firstly, I don’t work with people when it comes to writing because I am so particular about what I want, so I usually write my own melodies and that’s that! Yes, you guys know how I am. I would rather sing on a song written by someone else, as was the case with Idan Raichel, where I was directed, and do in a way that the writer wants for “their” song. But, in a song with my name as the composer, I need full control because I want things MY WAY. I do have control-freak tendencies, but only in music.

With Jean Claude though, I am willing to collaborate because he has unbelievable vocal melodies. His voice just does whatever is needed to be done and there is nothing greater than working with someone with that skill. I feel that we complement each other so perfectly as our strengths are different yet very harmonious.

So, watch this space! I thought I was going to be the biggest thing to hit the World in the near future (the lies I tell myself before I sleep) but my little fantasy was knocked out of my head, when I met Jean Claude and I realized that there is actually more of us.

It’s going to be fun!

I can’t wait!

Have a Lovely Thursday, my darlings!
As always, Veronnica Wolpendz Loves You!!!


i jus luvin it.u r finally cumin into ur own en im proud 2 be associatd wit u.u go girl en gud luk wit da future.hope we wil not c u in sheppie again.....lol..
OMG! I didn't see this comment until today. Can you believe it?

Thanks Ivor. <3

Veronnica Wolpendz

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