Take Whatever You Want From This, If Anything.


Forgiveness is an important act because it promotes acceptance of what is, which in turn promotes personal freedom. Although forgiveness seems to be something that one does for another, the truth is that to forgive another is to lighten one’s own burden. Forgiveness is a double edged sword, so sharp that it cuts not only through the shackles of guilt belonging to the one needing forgiveness, but it also breaks the shackles of pain around the “victim’s” heart. When one person sincerely asks another for forgiveness, we see clearly that hurting another is hurting the self – otherwise, there would be no need to ask for forgiveness for one’s trespasses if the trespasses, or consequences of, were pleasing to the perpetrator.

*Forgiveness is not to overlook the “perpetrator’s” actions. It is to accept his/her actions. To overlook would be to deny, but to accept is to forgive.*

Many capable people in this realm are lacking in compassion, with those who “know not what they do” definitely lacking in compassion. If compassion was a woman, wisdom would be a man, or visa versa. These two qualities are complementary like light is to day. One can not be fully wise without being fully compassionate, and one can not be fully compassionate without being fully wise, but one can be intelligent, or knowledgeable, without being compassionate. One can even say that compassion is the symptom of true wisdom, and true wisdom is the symptom of compassion. When a wise individual can not walk a mile in his sister’s or brother’s shoes, when a wise individual can not act with care and consideration with his sister’s and brother’s and when a wise individual can not be joyfully kind towards his sisters and brothers– then the wise individual is not wise, but is a hypocrite instead, because true wisdom bears the gift and talent of compassion upon an individual.

Change is inevitable, and change is the only constant in the Universe as we know it. Nature, or the Universe, does not reproduce anything. The Creator is not “The Duplicator”. Every moment is unique and every experience is different. To try and recreate a moment or experience is near to blasphemy, if not blatant blasphemy, because it is to under-estimate the Creator by thinking that It can not out-do, or surpass Its own creations – because the Creator can out-do itself infinitely.

You are the Creator, I am the Creator, and together we are co-Creators, and our creative faculties are everlasting and infinite. If we can create laughter once, we can create laughter many times more. If we can experience love once, we can experience love many times more. Nothing ever runs out. The Universe is filled with abundance, and this abundance is infinite. And, although life is ever changing, life is ever-lasting. This is another of life’s Divine Dichotomies. This means that there is no need to fear that good things will never last, or that love will be hard to find once lost. Change is growth, and similarly, when a love relationship changes and/or ceases to last, it is growing even if it might not be apparent to you.

Control is the complement of acceptance; control is the enemy of acceptance; control is the opposite of acceptance. The individual which is motivated by ‘serving the self’ uses control in his/her dealings with the self and others, while the individual who is motivated by ‘serving others’ uses acceptance in his/her dealings with the self and others. Control of self (and of other selves) is used to bring things to the self and other selves, while acceptance of self (and acceptance of other selves) is used to make things pass through the self and other selves. I could make examples about this but I might lose my thought string. Control is used to direct (one way communication) and build, and acceptance is used to negotiate (2 way communication) and explore (discover new frontiers).

I will say this: when I speak of things “passing through” an individual, I am talking about the interactions of one entity with another or interactions of one entity with another by using a third party conduit (energy exchange), as in the case of healing (not self healing), speaking and communication, and any form of service to other selves (other people). When I speak of “bringing things to the self” I speak of a non-energy exchange relationship between two parties, where one takes without giving (not where one gives without taking because automatically by giving you get.)

Do not judge, but not because it is a sin, but because it is an error in thought. Judgment is incorrect and unnecessary because there is nothing that is intrinsically wrong or right. Secondly, there is no need to judge, criticize or choose sides because in this realm, things are “identical” and only differing in polarity; differing in how these things are expressed. (Sometimes things are of the same polarity with one masquerading as the opposite to make it seemingly different.

In the case of judging and criticizing others, it is important to know that any criticism upon another is not due to a wrongful act done by another, but due to the incompatibility of one’s perspective with another’s. In the case of laws – although we live in a society that is bellicose which needs to be governed (if individuals won’t govern themselves), with these laws putting judgment on individuals day in and day out – it doesn’t mean that the system of putting judgment on others is correct or even competent. It means that society did what they could with the little they knew in order to be of ‘service to others’, being under the impression that they are being of service to others, while in fact, they were being self-serving. While there are people who impose their wills on others through violent and hurtful acts; there will be others who impose their wills on others through restrictive and limiting acts, as in a case of criminals and law enforcement. Both parties are imposing their wills upon others who are less powerful. Both acts are the same with one being justified due to the human condition which sees right from wrong.

I am not trying to undermine or disrespect the selfless jobs being done by the individuals who serve and protect our community. I am merely observing what is clearly going on.


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