Artist Clinton Jones

Dearest Reader,

I am featuring an artist today who specializes in animation. Actually, he is a Jack of all trades in 2D art. Let me tell you more about him.

Meet Clinton Jones (29)... (Yes, that's him on the right. He didn't give me a pic of himself, because I forgot to ask for it, so I just went on facebook and took it from there. I tried to find a quirky looking one. I hope you don't mind, buddy.)

His CV says that he has taught English in Korea to elementary school kids (poor souls! He probably warped the minds of those little ones...). I asked for a bio and he gave me a CV, so I must write the bio. SMH!

He has two years' experience teaching these little children and so we can all assume that he is literate if he can teach it. We went to High School together and he did his tertiary education at AFDA, graduating with a BA in Motion Picture Medium. With a clay-mation short-film and other animation short-films in his belt, he has made 4 short-films in total. (I will ask him to give me a YOUTube of one to post here)

So... Let us speak, admire and hopefully discuss his art.

Oh, one more thing about him...

He has worked for Super Striker (a newspaper comic strip) as something called a Compositor, and has done various storyboards too, and if you dig his work, drop a message here and I will connect you with him. Now, let us admire his art. I am not really going to delve into it. I like it, but I won't influence your thoughts on the pieces because art is very subjective.

Comic Abstract

Flash Dancer

Lemon Tree


Monster Group

Monster Pair

Shirt Design

Space Tree
Story Board

 Okay, I have to say something... My favorite one is Lucy, the one with the girl. It is so passionate. The movement in it, that wind that seems unbridles and even violent says to me that there is an element about that perticular one that the others do not quite have. It is beautiful, and, hinestly, I would love to see a film about this Lucy. Quite beautiful and touching.

Oooh, the lemon tree is pretty good too. It is haunting and reminds me of Earth Spirits.

Okay, now I zip it.

I hope you enjoyed that eye candy.

Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power!

P.S. I hope to feature more friends on this blog, or have friends as Guest writers. All I ask is that it has everything to do with me, as does this particular post. You see, if he wasn't my friend, I wouldn't have spoken about his art, so do not worry. We shall still remain as self-involved as usual. LMAO!



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