Making Money is Easy!

Yes, that's right. There is no genius behind making money. You merely have to want to make money, to make money. I learned how to make money years ago, and when I realized how it's done, I realized that money wasn't what I wanted most to fill that void within.

I realized that all I wanted was to be happy and self-actualized. That was a challenge which I had been trying to solve for years until just recently. Now, I know how to be happy because I am, happy and having lots of money wasn't how I did it. Of course, some money is needed to be happy and provisions were made for such. It wasn't easy downgrading but it was necessary to stretch the money over these years. With small monthly allowances... (I'd made proper provisions for 5yrs, but the plan went over because I incurred more expenses at times, but whatever. *shrug* That's when miracles happened.)

So, now I am making money again, but not with an empty, depressed and fearful heart and mind, but with a smile on my face, for fun.

Well, in a nut shell, 6 yrs ago I had and could have anything I wanted materialistically. One thing God gave me, other than the artistic skills, was to attract and make money easily. What God kept a mystery was how to be happy. So, there I was, looking beautiful and desirable, making money because I could, and getting suitors left right and centre who wanted to make me their wives, but I was a cold, dark, empty and miserable gal inside. I just knew that I couldn't carry on the way I was. My soul was dying, I was stuck in the system of misery as a worker bee for some conglomerate and I knew enough to know that it was my choice to be this way. And one day, I chose otherwise. So, I gave it all up and hoped for the best, as long as I was putting in my best, which I was.

To begin with, I had a dream to be a musician which I had never tried to make true. Secondly, I was wise and knew a little bit more about the world, and didn't use my knowledge for assisting others, and this depressed me even more because as a worker bee, I actually made others miserable instead of helping them. Lastly, I had never known who I really was, and I had never felt true love emanate from my own heart to another and to the world, and I felt like dying and crying everyday for the fraud and emptiness I felt. I knew I could be more than I was, and that all I needed was to take a risk and BE who I dreamed to be.

Then it hit me, and I knew that if I married one of these suitors, and stayed at my job, I'd be stuck like that forever because I would have had kids, and then my life's dreams would have had to die. I just couldn't be a coward and a slave and know it. So, I jumped ship and put this millionaire mission on pause for a while, i.e. 5yrs.

So, I took a sabbatical from life, to make my dreams come true. I asked my partner at the time to give me time to do this before we got settled since we were going to live the rest of our lives together anyway but he couldn't wait because his actions said otherwise, actually no man could wait for me to get where I am today, where I am fixed inside and out. Everyone I encountered was making a big deal of money, telling me to get a job as if I wanted one. I wasn't interested in making money because I needed to fix myself, make my dreams come true and make myself a good "wife" for them and good "mother" for their children; I also needed to live my dreams in order to be an inspiration, not just to those around me but for my children too, if I have kids.

It's exactly 5yrs. I just counted. Right on plan! Now, let's make that money coz now I feel like it. As I always say, people are so short-sighted! I am now done with fixing my inner me. I am the musician I dreamed to be. I am the loving, beautiful and kind soul I have always wanted to be. And, you all made a big deal about money? Really? I can make the amount of money I would have made these last 5 yrs in ONE year, so what was the big deal? I don't get it!

I must admit, it was tough living on minimum wage these last few years, but I would have probably still lived under minimum wage because I would have spent my money on psychological and retail therapy, alcohol, smokes, health insurance and all sorts of expenses which I didn't deal with these years because I've been healing, not self-destructing.

Money is so easy to make, y'all. Smh. Try making happiness. Work on that. Of course, you need a little money to make life easier to live, but you need to have your priorities straight. If you want to be happy, work on being happy. If you want money, work on making money. Don't mix them around.

I'm young, purified and powerful because I did what's important, not what's easy or "right". I said a big FU at being a slave of my own prison and the 5yr plan is still on track and I'd stopped counting. Nice!

Okay, later. The point is that you must do things in line with your desires, not according to what society wants. This way, you can NEVER lose!

Love, Peace and Power!


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